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Olivewood Epoxy Charcuterie Serving Board & Kitchen Art Decor "Boiling Titanium"

Olivewood Epoxy Charcuterie Serving Board & Kitchen Art Decor "Boiling Titanium"

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Welcome to my online store, where artistry meets functionality in a stunning creation that promises to elevate your home decor to new heights. Introducing "Boiling Titanium" from the exclusive Metallic Series, a magnificent piece that effortlessly blends the organic beauty of olivewood with the modern allure of epoxy and micas. 

"Boiling Titanium" is more than just a functional item; it is a captivating fusion of nature's finest and contemporary design, making it an exceptional addition to your living space. Here's why this unique piece deserves a place in your home:

**Natural Olivewood Elegance:** At the heart of "Boiling Titanium" lies a hand-selected piece of natural olivewood. Renowned for its distinctive grain patterns and rich hues, olivewood brings warmth and authenticity to any setting.

**Food-Safe Epoxy and Micas:** To create a harmonious union of aesthetics and practicality, we've skillfully encased the olivewood in food-safe epoxy. This not only preserves the wood's natural beauty but also enhances its durability. Micas, with their shimmering qualities, add a touch of metallic sophistication that elevates the piece to a true work of art.

**Functional Excellence:** Beyond its decorative appeal, "Boiling Titanium" also serves as a practical addition to your home. It can double as a serving platter, charcuterie board, or even a conversation starter during gatherings with friends and family.

I believe that your living space should reflect your personality and style. "Boiling Titanium" is a testament to my commitment of providing you with exceptional pieces that transform your home into a work of art. Embrace the fusion of nature and modernity today, and let "Boiling Titanium" make a lasting impression on your home decor.

Browse my website to explore the full range of our offerings, and experience the magic of "Boiling Titanium" for yourself.  Welcome to a world of extraordinary home decor possibilities.

Dimensions: 12" x 18"

All my items are made with food safe epoxy, mica and oil finishes. Due to this being a piece of handmade art, some natural imperfections may occur. All my items are considered a final sale.




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