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Chasing Waves Alcohol Ink Artwork 13" x 19"

Chasing Waves Alcohol Ink Artwork 13" x 19"

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Step into a captivating realm where the fluid artistry of alcohol inks dances gracefully across paper. I'm delighted to present to you an exquisite limited edition piece that embodies the essence of creative flow and visual enchantment. Welcome to the world of "Chasing Waves."

**"Chasing Waves" Limited Edition Piece:**

 **Dimensions:** Measuring 13" x 19", this artwork commands attention with its size, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in its mesmerizing beauty.

**Epoxy Top Coat:** To accentuate the vibrant blues and enhance their brilliance, "Chasing Waves" has been lovingly finalized with a protective epoxy top coat. This not only adds a glossy sheen to the piece but also provides essential UV protection, ensuring that the colors stay vivid for years to come.

 **Title and Story:** "Chasing Waves" is more than just a piece of art; it's a visual narrative. The title suggests an alluring journey, a pursuit of something elusive and beautiful. Allow your imagination to wander as you contemplate the story this artwork tells.

**Ready to Display:** Your "Chasing Waves" masterpiece comes complete with all the necessary hanging hardware, making it effortless to adorn your living space with this remarkable creation. No need to search for the right hooks or wires; we've taken care of every detail.

**White Metallic Floating Frame:** The elegance of "Chasing Waves" is further accentuated by its presentation in a sleek white metallic floating frame. This sophisticated choice of framing adds a touch of modernity while allowing the artwork to take center stage, seemingly suspended in air.

**Limited Edition:** As a limited edition piece, "Chasing Waves" is a rare gem in the world of art with this being a 1/1 collection.

**Discover the Magic of Alcohol Inks:** Alcohol inks are a medium known for their fluidity and unpredictability, which often results in breathtaking, one-of-a-kind compositions. "Chasing Waves" exemplifies the beauty of this medium, capturing the essence of movement, color, and emotion.

I believe in bringing exceptional art to your living space. "Chasing Waves" is a testament to my commitment to offering you pieces that not only decorate your walls but also inspire and captivate your soul. It's an invitation to immerse yourself in the creative flow of alcohol inks and witness the magic they can bring to your home.

Transform your space with a touch of artistry, elegance, and a story waiting to be told. Welcome to a world where art transcends the ordinary, and every piece is a masterpiece in its own right. 

Due to this being a piece of handmade art, some natural imperfections may occur. All my items are considered a final sale.

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