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Tarpon Olivewood Limited Edition Moon Dust Inlay Charcuterie Board

Tarpon Olivewood Limited Edition Moon Dust Inlay Charcuterie Board

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Engraved tarpon with a limited edition moon dust infused with a gray epoxy inlay design. This can be used as a tarpon cutting board, tarpon kitchen decor, charcuterie board or wall art. I have more information on the dust below and how we obtained it. The tarpon was engraved on the one of a kind olivewood board. I used a gray pigment from Eye Candy Pigments and added in some Apollo 11 moon dust to the epoxy to give the tarpon a nice shimmer within the scales. All boards are all natural, imported from Italy, and one solid piece, no two boards will ever be the same due to natural grains, epoxy design and coloring and the moon dust. All board designs are done by me here in Sarasota, Florida where I use my industrial laser to engrave the design, and mix the food safe epoxy to infuse the designs.

Dimensions: 17.75" x 10" x .75"

Possessing and selling moon rock and dust is illegal in most circumstances, as lunar material is the property of the U.S. government (NASA). Why? Because anything brought back to earth from the moon by NASA would have to be stolen or on the black market as NASA has never released moon rocks or dust to the public. This is also true for every other space agency in the world.

We have acquired extremely rare lunar meteorite cutting dust that is generated when cutting a specimen into slices for museums and collectors. This ultra rare material is many times more expensive than gold by weight, and one of the rarest things to find on earth.

A Lunar Meteorite is extremely rare as the conditions have to be just right - in so many ways. It all starts when meteorite or debris in space strikes the moon. Since the gravity on the moon isn't very strong it can cause a moon rock to fly into space in which the classification turns from moon rock to lunar meteorite. In all of the directions this Lunar Meteorite can be directed to, there's an extremely small chance it will head to Earth.

Atomic Finishes announced 3 limited edition colors that contain actual lunar dust from authentic cutting dust from the Lunar Meteorite 'North West Africa 10756 (NWA10756)' which was found in 2015, and classified by The Meteoritical Society and published in the Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 105 in 2016.

This is a fully functional cutting board, charcuterie board, cheese board or serving tray.  I do recommend you utilize the back of the board, which is plain wood, to avoid any cutting marks showcased on the epoxy work.   A stand will be included to allow your piece to be showcased in your kitchen.

Do not place in the dishwasher or submerge in water.  All boards are hand wash.  Boards must be maintained with a cutting board oil.  All my boards are one of a kind as no two grains will ever be the same.  Due to this being an art piece, the nature of the boards, and handmade qualities, some natural imperfections may occur.  All my items are considered a final sale.    

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