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Octopus Walnut & Epoxy Charcuterie River Cutting Board

Octopus Walnut & Epoxy Charcuterie River Cutting Board

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Turquoise food safe epoxy integrated into the center of this walnut from Michigan and then laser engraved with an octopus to create a one of a kind charcuterie or cutting board named "Inked in Turquoise".  

Handmade in Sarasota, Florida with all items sourced from the United States. This item started with some 9' foot kiln dried slabs that I obtained from Michigan.  They are cut down to the desired size, debarked, and planed before being added to my charcuterie board mold.  I then use a food safe epoxy, mix in the desired mica pigments to create the color and transparency.  After the item has cured for 30 hours, it is removed from the mold and put through a drum sander.  After the initial drum sanding,  it is then hand sanded up to 400 grit and then a routered edge is done, before a finish is applied. 

All my charcuterie and cutting boards are fully functional.  This means you are able to use them as a charcuterie board, or cutting board utilizing both sides of the board.  The back side should be used for anything that may scratch or leave marks on the board, and the front being used for your display as art.  It is not recommended to "cut" on any epoxy, as you will leave scratch marks.

All boards are hand wash only.  Do not submerge in water.  Boards should be oiled as needed for maintenance.  Over time, if your board becomes dull or scratches, you may re-sand it and apply a board oil once the scratches are removed to revive your piece.  Due to this being an art piece, the nature of the boards, and handmade qualities, some natural imperfections may occur.  All my items are considered a final sale.    

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