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Mermaid Bamboo Art Decor with Epoxy Resin Wave Art

Mermaid Bamboo Art Decor with Epoxy Resin Wave Art

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Bamboo with a laser engraved mermaid covered with epoxy resin wave art.  This piece has a full clear shiny flood coat over the entire top of the board.  It is not recommended to be used as a cutting board as this does contain a full epoxy coating over the entire front of one side.  The back of the board is plain bamboo and could be used as such, however, this piece is more of an art piece than it is a cutting board.

Imperfections along the bottom of the photo are actually light reflecting off the piece. It was very hard to get a picture of this piece since it is so highly reflective.

Dimensions are approximately 12" x 16".

Since this is handmade art, some imperfections may be noticeable. All items are considered a final sale.

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